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Synergy!  It’s a word you’ll hear us use often;    Our custom packages, constructed by Angie, are built with synergy in mind.  These featured systems will bring you maximum performance, versatility and value.  Check this page regularly to explore the newest equipment.

Even if you can’t buy now,  sound lovers can dream – can’t they?  Get an idea of how you want to put your sound package together by looking at these special offers.

Feature Systems you will see in our Shop prepared for your audition. Following are examples of the carefully put together systems with great products from around the world. Enjoy

Let us help you design a system for your needs.

American Sound Featured System
(Avantgarde, AirTight & DCS)


“ Together they are magical ”

American Sound Featured Systems



Live and dynamic sound.

Ideal for any genre of music and easy set up.
• Horn loaded speakers offer effortlessness at low to high volumes.
• Tube amplification mates up well with the speakers.
• Dac/Streamer/preamp by DCS offers the musicality in digital format music.

Cables additional $ 6,000. approx.

Cables complete the system but lengths need to be configured therefore the estimated price.

1) Speaker cabinet and Horn colour choices may raise the price of the system
2) Cabinet standard finish is black matte/ Gloss finish extra
3) Three Horn standard colours choices available included /other colours will be extra.

Delivery and set up in the GTA area included.

System Package by American Sound
(AudioResearch & PSB)

American Sound Featured Systems - Audio Research and PSB $6,500



Audio Research 1/50 Integrated Amplifier
• Available in optional plinth colour
• Headphone input with DAC options available
• Comes with Remote Control

PSB Passif 50 Anniversary Model Loudspeakers
• Walnut finish with stands
• Classic design
• Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid and Neodymium Magnet Tweeters
• 6.5” Woofer, Cast Aluminum Basket, Paper Cone

Package Price $9,500




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