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Synergy!  It’s a word you’ll hear us use often;    Our custom packages, constructed by Angie, are built with synergy in mind.  These featured systems will bring you maximum performance, versatility and value.  Check this page regularly to explore the newest equipment.

Even if you can’t buy now,  sound lovers can dream – can’t they?  Get an idea of how you want to put your sound package together by looking at these special offers.

Feature Systems you will see in our Shop prepared for your audition. Following are examples of the carefully put together system with great products from around the world. Enjoy

Let us help you design a system for your needs.



Packages as advertised in the Toronto Star Newspaper



Special Promotion

REL T/Zero111 subwoofer. Sale Price $589. Available in White or Black.


Full line available in store. Purchase also available on our OnLine Store.



Save on package System 


NAD M10 -BluSo Streaming amplifier. A complete compact system with a full size sound.

Just a few of the Reviews on the Nad M10


Paired with a fine pair of B&W Bookshelf speakers.

Model 606 -available in Black or white finish. Optional Stands available.




MBL System

Special in store system now available by 

We welcome you to drop in and audition a Unique Style Audio System for your unique Lifestyle.

Available in White or Black finish. Fine Audio made in Germany.

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