Transparent-OPI- is OPI? It is a new top of the line Reference level line condition, the ultimate. Opus Power Isolator OPUS PowerIsolator is the key to unlocking the utmost performance capability of an ultimate level system. When processing unrestricted AC power transferred via the OPUS Power Cord, the OPUS PowerIsolator helps a system deliver previously unheard subtleties and dynamic range that is so expansive that it will redefine the listener's experience of music realism.

OPUS PowerIsolator comes packaged with one 2m OPUS Power Cord.-Also available separately for amps or sources.
"I could not image a Hi End audio system without one" Angie

Please note that there are various models available for more affordable choices. Transparent is not just Hi End as models are available from $699.CND All systems at any level will be improved by implementing a line conditioner from Transparent.Website:Transparent line conditioners

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