Seminar Oct. 21 – 12-6pm

Seminar Oct. 21 – 12-6pm


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Introducing our new Electronics Line. T+A from Germany.

It has been several years since we have brought in a new electronics line that is so innovative. T+A offers whole system solutions in one box. Multi function features in one chassis, CD/SACD/Streaming,Digital inputs and more. The most often request is, "I want to down size the number of components in my system but still want HiEnd performance." Well here we are, T+A is just that line. Some of these items will be talked about with David Schultz, of T+A. Not to mention the HV HiEnd series. Theory and Application

  • Mike Latvis, engineer and owner of HRS, Harmonic Resolution Systems, will be on hand to talk about the importance of an audio rack and other audio accessories. The foundation of the system. I cannot imagine a system set up without and HRS audio rack. Hard to believe but Mike's demo and technical explanation will prove it and you will believe. New model- VXR - will also be introduced.

Randy Forman of VanDen Hull cartridges, will be on hand offering cartridge exams with his special microscope. He will evaluate the wear and tare of your Cartridge. So, we invite you to bring along your cartridge and have an experienced assessment. Also, Randy will go thru the VanDen Hull line up of fine MC cartridges. Best for last, a new top line phono stage never available in Canada before-A DEBUT- another choice in phono stages.

  • Bob McConnell of Transparent will be on hand to introduce new line conditions and the Gen 5 series of cables. Transparent remains our most satisfying line of cables and line conditions for years. We will talk about power cords, interconnects, and line conditions. What improvements to expect and what to do first.

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