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Estelon Speakers

New In the Store- We are excited to present the Estelon Forza Speakers

Auditions available. 4 way design with 2 woofers, one mid woofer, one midrange driver and one tweeter.







There are several elegant models available in this refined line of speakers. Show here are the Forza and the Extreme

Check out their website for more model designs.



“Most outstanding new digital gear I have experienced in a long time.” Angie

SD 3100DAC with streaming, bluetooth, outstanding headphone amp. Superior aluminum construction. 

PDT 3100 CD/SACD Transport -Drive mechanism design from the ground up.

   The Absolute Sound

Made in Germany

Transparent Gen 6

New Gen 6 extends to Reference, XL, Opus and Magnum level cables both interconnects and speaker cables. A true evolution. Experience the New Gen 6 cables set up on our systems in the store. Upgrades from Gen 5 is available. Let’s talk about it in the shop and have listen soon. It’s important to have the right calibration for each component to maximize performance. Not your ordinary cables.

VAC Statement Preamplifier

Top of the line Statement tube preamplfier. Please call for an appointment to audtion.

Available in Black or Silver finish. Made in U.S.A Full line available.

This could be your last tube preamplifier.

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American Sound Of Canada

American Sound Of Canada