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Esoteric K01XD

New K-01XD now on Display.

Many improvements.

  1. New VRDS Atlas transport mechanism design by Esoteric 
  2. In house Master Sound Discrete DAC.  

    Two innovative technologies derived from the Grandioso Series combinded in the New “XD”  K series of Esoteric, K01xd, K03XD models

  3. High performance power supplies-4  torodial dedicated for transport/dedicated to the DACs left and right channel, and digital circuitry.
  4. New low feedback DC regulator and super capacitors. A total of 71 hi capacitance super capacitors are used in the K-01XD.

Naim-Full line available

New for 2020 Audio Research LS28SE

Audio Research  improves on what you may have already invested in. Now available is the New LS28 SE tube line stage pre amplifier. And yes, upgrades are available and will be announced shortly at a cost of $2000.U.S. plus shipping. One more reason to re-invest in Audio Research. Available in Black or Silver as shown.

The award winning LS 28 upgrade is part of the 50th Anniversary product line improvements. What was learned from the new Reference Series ,160 power amps,Ref 6SE and other models with the SE indicators has been extended to the LS28SE.Proprietary gold caps as used in the Reference 6SE. The result is more clarity, openness and resolution. Still offering all the features, which are many. Please feel free to visit and audition the New LS 28Se. Retail price $10,000.US / $14,000.CND.

Rear panel shows multiple options- inputs and outputs.

T+A Headphones and Headphone Amp

Just in T+A Headphones and Headphone amp

Solitaire Planar Headphones and HD200 Headphone amplifier. Made in Germany



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