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Focal Chora Speakers

PROMOTION STARTS APRIL 15, 2022– Also available on our on line store. See our link on our home page.

806– $ 519. each/stands$ 299.pair   816– $ 959. each

826– $1,199. each  826D– $ 1,559. each

Center– $ 799.each  Surround– $ 519.each/stand$ 149.

Limited to supply available.


We are excited to announce that arriving soon is the VPI Industries line of products. Turntables, cleaning machines, tone arms and accessories

A family operated company dedicated for 40+ years based in the U.S.A. offering an array of afforable Hi End turntables. A wide range of tables to satify any analog enthusiates. Also available is the well know cleaning machines, which I still have today after many years of use. 

Arrival expected soon and will be posted on New in Store.

Audio Research I/50

 New Audio Research I/50 integrated amplifier with remote.

-50 watts per channel with 6550 tubes.- DAC / phono options available.

-Various plinth colors available-same price- Black or Silver on the chassis.

  • Enjoy the newest affordable priced model from the classic Audio Research brand. New design full remote control features.  Made in U.S.A. 
  • Retail in US funds $5,000. as line stage only. options extra.
  • check out the link for more information. 


T+A Series 200

New Series 200 from T+A 

DAC 200– DA converter with pre amplifier, MP 200-multi source player/streaming/Cd+SACd player and A200-Stereo power amplifier. Hi End performance in a Small size footprint. Available in Silver and Black. We welcome your audition

Canadian Retail Prices-DAC200 $8,900, MP200 $7,200, A200 $ 6,300.

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American Sound Of Canada

American Sound Of Canada