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Focal Headphone Specials

New Sale prices on the following model headphones by Focal

Limited to stock availablity.

  • Bathys- $ 999.
  • Celeste Closed back – $ 999,
  • Clear Mg Open-  $ 1,599.
  • Elegia Closed- $ 55o.
  • Stellia – $ 3,999.
  • Utopia (2020)- $ 3,999.
  • Utopia ( 2022)- $ 6,499.

T+A Solitaire T

Arrived just in time for the Holidays. 

Bluetooth, wireless  and wired headphones by T+A

see link below for more information

Pure Fidelity

We are happy to announce Pure Fidelity added to our turntable line up. Made in Canada.

Full line available. Models available. Harmony/ Horizon, Encore/Eclipse

       Stratos MC cartridge by Pure Fidelity will be set up on the Harmony. Audition soon.            

Rega Planar 1 Walnut

Now in stock. The new Special Walnut Edition of the Rega Planar 1 turntable. Includes Carbon cartridge.

Retail Price- $ 775.    SALE $750.

More Information?

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American Sound Of Canada

American Sound Of Canada