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DCS Vivaldi DAC


The DCS Vivaldi use the latest breakthrough dCS technology including ‘next generation’ versions of the dCS Ring DAC(TM), Digital Processing Platfomr and the Clocking system so the, as the hab of a distal audio system, an arry of features gaurantees superlative performance from any digital source.

Key Features:

  • Utilises the latest generations dCS Digital Processing Platform for state-of-the-art measured performance and unrivalled fidelity.
  • Designer for maximum flexibility by accepting audio data from a variety of digital sources.
  • Flexible output configuration can be optimized in systems with or without preamplifiers.
  • Comprehensive clocking architecture plus an auto-clocking mode used in the Vivaldi range improves ease-of used and minimises jitter.
  • USB interface allows easy connection to a computer, accepting PCM data at up to 24/384 and DoP (DSD/64/ or DSD/128 over PCM)
  • The interface runs in asynchronous USB mode, make the DAC immune of jitter from noisy computer master clocks.
  • Improved power supplies give lower running temperature and superior tolerance to AC supply variations.
  • Multi stage regulation ensures sensitive analogue circuitry in unaffected by digital interference.
  • Separate power circuits for the digital and analogue sections further enhance the purity of the power supply.
  • Aerospace grade machined aluminium chassis fitted with tuned acoustic damping panels reduces magnetic effects and vibration.
  • features a full MQA(tm) implementation is unique as it is the first opportunity to enable a DCAS which , but proding exact rendering to beyond 16x(768kHz) matches the desired temporal response with very low modulation noise.

Companion products: Vivaldi Clock, Transport and Upsampler completes the Vivaldi line up.

Esoteric K-03XD

NEW Esoteric K-03XD- loaded with many new features- following are just a few.

SACD/ CD player

NEW VRDS ATLAS 03 transport mechanism 

New low Feedback DC regulator and Super Capacitors.

Semi Floating Top Plate


Master Sound Discrete DAC

Advanced Digital Processing

Digital inputs-USB, RCA + Optical

Full MQA decoding playback thru all digital inputs including USB

Nad Master M33

BluOS Streaming integrated amplifier

New Hot product system solution with audiophile quality sound. A complete audio centre in one box.

Many features and options for expanding the NAD M33 check out some key features:

6 digital inputs and 3 analogue inputs, phono input for MM, HDMI, headphone,2 rear slots for future expansion. Colour LCD touch screen displayWireless control with Airplay 2 and aptX  HD Bluetooth integration. 200 watts per channel with 2 sets of binding posts for bi-wiring. Click the link below for more details. Retail price $ 6,999.

Checkout our recommended System Package with the B&W 804D3 speakers set up in our store for your audition.


Basis Audio 2200+Vector 4

Basis 2200 Signature with the Vector 4 tonearm with VTA adjustment. Suspended on 4 silicon damped springs with a platter that is a solid block of stress relieved acrylic. Separate outboard motor. Optional Calibration base completes the table with cable management for the tonearm cable sits on the base. Clamp optional but I feel it is mandatory.

The Vector 4 tonearm with the optional VTA shown.

Made in U.S.A

Basis Audio is a product I have offered for years. I love the precision and simplicity with great dynamics. Angie

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