Audio Solutions by Design Opening Nov.30

We are so happy to be announcing our New Forum, AudioSolutionsbyDesign. A place where audio systems can be seen in a family friendly place. A selection of complete systems are set up with care and experience which are assembled to entertain the whole family. A system that is easy to operate with your iphone or any android that in today’s world, everyone owns. Where the young generation are streaming music from their iphone or computers and even mom and dad have followed with this great new technology. We have taken this to a higher level of audio. Yes, there is hi end in streaming. This is one of the features that all our set ups will demonstrate. We have also considered that space and looks of the system matters and this too has been considered. So, here is a place where we can display all of this in one place.
We invite you to experience this New Forum and hope that audio shopping can be a whole family experience.
Angie and Team

Hours: 12-6pm Monday-Saturday.

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