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- May, 2017

You don’t have to shop at Big Box Stores. Give us a try.

We are happy to give you great knowledgeable information at any level of audio with 2 channel audio or home theater systems along with streaming and putting together a turntable. Arnold and Leyland have years of experience from entry level and more. Our New separate building offers a place of comfort to listen to what it will sound and works. Our separate Hi End audio shop, just next door, of coarse offers gear at another level. We extend the same care and attention at any level of audio. Experience matters so you will go home knowing what you need to know to enjoy your investment in audio. You can also check out our On Line Store to get a little idea of what Brands we have available, it’s a good start.There are also some package systems we have put together to give you and idea in our Package section. So you have Arnold, Leyland, Jody and myself to help you. We also offer trade in items and consignment items that offer great savings as well. Hope to see you soon. Angie

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American Sound Of Canada

American Sound Of Canada