Where is the Next Generation of Audio Enthusiasts?

Where is the Next Generation of Audio Enthusiasts?

Hi guys,

It has been a while. Many exciting things have been happening. New products, Royal wedding, devastation in Japan, gas prices and have you seen our Canadian Loonie?

With all these happenings, I noticed something or have noticed over the last few years that we have not seen a replenishment of youth in our industry. Are there any, yes, but few.

I subscribe to a Canadian magazine, CMT, Canadian Music Trade, and find it interesting to see pictures of young people learning and deeply interested in playing instruments. Learning a craft with many years of practice. So I thought, what gear do they use to listen to music? Is it an iPod with headphones or thru some iPod dock, a Bose system, just what are they using. How sad is it that we create all these outrageous sound systems but the young who play live music don’t really know what it can sound like thru an audio system tuned just to reproduce what they hear when playing their guitar or drums.

What do we need to do as an industry? Where is the next generation? How is it that we got into this? American Idol is another venue for the young. All are passionate about the art of music with their vocal instrument. What do they listen to? Studio monitors? All this is a huge shame.

When I see a young person come into the shop it gives me some hope and pleasure that there is a future. They are wide eyed when they see that this type of audio gear exists.

My job, (Our job) is to have them listen to this gear and expose them to what is possible. If it sticks and they feel the music they will, in time, be our future customers.

One of my most memorable customer(s) is a father and son. They both explore audio and have become avid audio/music lovers. Their journey has taken them to a higher level than they both thought but Man are they happy. When I see them, they make me happy, as I have been a part of it.

Is the industry not paying attention? I hear, “where is our next generation of audiophiles come from?”

Well I can say that it is up to all of stores, audiophiles, hobbyists and music lovers to expose our youth to the gear that is available. As a retailer, remove the idea that they cannot afford it so why show it to them, and replace it with, let me expose you to sound, and perhaps it will stick with them and encourage them to explore. How did we all get started? We had some influence from someone so let us be the influence to the young audiophile. Some of us have started with the all in one cabinet that our parents had or some with the gear that Father built from a kit but we got hooked. The young today start with the ipod or surround sound but we also need to get involved and nurture them.

So, where is the next audiophile? They are waiting for you.
Let’s make it contagious.
Just my thoughts.

Please email me if you have something you would like to see me “Go On About”.


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