Rel Subwoofers

Home Theatre subs by REL- SERIE HT/ HT 1205, HT1003

Models include the New 1508 Predator featuring a 15″ Carbon Glas driver with a 3″ forward and back stroke driven by a powerful 800 watt power amp.

We have just received more inventory on our popular subwoofers, T/5i, T/7i, T/9i  Several models have arrived.
Check in with Leyland or Arnold and they can guide you through this complete line of subs to choose the right one for you. Rel’s reputation is sub extends to audio and home theater application. Some models are listed in our On Line Store link, which will give you an idea of the REL models and pricing. Note however that we offer great in store only specials as well. We invite you to visit and experience REL subwoofers. Now available in Black and White gloss finish.
 Check out the link for more info and models available.

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