Previously enjoyed Trade ins and Demo Hi End audio Specials

Wadax Altantis DAC and Server- Demo models- one set only- call for price.

Herron Audio– Tube Pre amplifier, mono power amps-All demos on Sale

Triangle Art Symphony with Orisi 9″ tonearm + Crystal controller-Demo Price $ 10,600.  Reduced as is price  $ 7,500

Jeff Rowland Capri S pre amplifier and 102 power amplifier- $5,000. set

Egglestonworks Andra (Original) $ 5,000.pair

Audio Research VT80 demo model in Silver-tube stereo power amplifier- Retail $10,500. Demo $ 6,850. $ 6,200.

Audio Research 250SE tube power amps- check by Factory- Consignment-retail $45,000.pair Price $ 17,500. pair

JBL S9900 K2 speakers- Red finish option included- $ 38,800.pair reduced $ 32,500.

Prima Luna EVO 400– tube integrated amplifier with optional phono stage included- $ 5,050.

Avantgarde Uno Fino speakers-limited stock- Black cabinet with Red Horn or Blue Horn-1 pair of each available.$ 16,800.pair

Jeff Rowland Daemon integrated amplifier- top of the line model- $ 35,000.  reduced $ 32,500.

V.A.C. Sigma 160i integrated tube amplifier with MM phono stage- $ 10,000.  reduced $ 8,900. Consignment

Avantgarde Duo Mezzo XD– Rosewood cabinet with Black Horns- $ 45,000.pair


Please call 905-773-7810 for prices or plan an audition.

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