Covid-19-What some are saying….

Covid-19-What some are saying….

Covid -19 and What some are saying about a new normal in audio.

There are some who think that not going to your local shop and buying gear on line is the new normal. That on line purchases of audio gear is the New normal and it will be this way in the future for audio. Well, I think NOT for many reasons. The experience is a big part of the purchase. The joy of touching and hearing the gear is what has made our industry what it is. The fun of putting a combination of gear that works for you. I have watched many sharing their systems on many of the media forums, posting what is helping them get through a very difficult time now with Covid 19 around us.  These systems are what have made them grounded by sharing the experience of What they have put together. This was not done by not hearing what they were buying but heard what they were buying and wanted it. It fills their soul and lets them be happy without thinking about what’s happening in the world. An escape from it and yet a joy of having the time to listen to what they love. A little normalizing.

There are some in the industry that don’t understand what a retailer shares with their customers and the dedicated time and patience it takes to satisfy and achieve what the customers wants. Showing them what will do what in a system, if you use this piece it will do this for you but if you use this it will do this. This is a retailers normal and is what it takes to bring happiness and a smile so big when you hear them say, That’s it, that’s what I have been looking for, this gives satisfaction to the retailer.  This cannot be experienced in a review or on an online store.  Not to mention the guidance and experience given by retailers to maximize what they have just purchased.

I remember when I picked up a Van I just purchased and the salesman sat in the vehicle with me and went through each button on the dash board so I knew what each button did, even the radio. I was glad he did because it began to rain and well, I knew where that button was.

Sounds simple but when a customer calls panicking that it’s stop working or it’s not working it’s the retailer that makes a visit or walks through it on the phone to fix it. And you hear from the customer, you’re a lifesaver. It means that much to them. 

Our industry is suffering from the customer contact and connection during this time. Believing that shows or reviews will replace dealers is not the new normal. Listening at the show and buy it on line. Really, what are you thinking? The dealers drive the interest in the product not the shows. The shows help to make the products accessible for many, as products are not always available in the customers local market so it gives them the chance to touch and hear the product of interest. The show experience is a great venue, which allows designers and manufactures to get exposure on their products. We need them to do this for the industry and share this with everyone, buyers, customers and reviewers.

So, is this the new normal? Heck NO.

Thanks for hearing my point of view. Stay Safe 



(43 years in audio and loving it.)

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