Covid 19 Update

Covid 19 Update

March 24, 2020

Subject: Covid-19 Shut down

We have been directed to shut down our shop, as we do not qualify as essential. I of course ,would disagree, as I know how important music is to our customers and ever more important now with this self-quarantine. Music feeds the Soul and soothes our nerves. We will remain available by email, phone and yes we can deliver to your doorstep only, no entry. Some of our suppliers have shut down but we do carry stock on several items, as most of our regulars know. 

It is important we stay safe and respect each other space, 6 ft. away from each other 

Please keep each other safe and make staying home fun. If you are a Facebook user I have been posting videos of some systems with some tunes, although FB sometimes removes the sound. 

We also share Stella, my dog, with some of the things she does which you may want to share with your kids.

We will also post some new items that will be coming in during this 14 day shut down. We will try to do box opening videos to share the experience.

Some demo stock will be offered when we cannot get it on a timely manner, and everyone knows how I hate to sell my broken in ready to listen to demos. This will be the exception.  A Covid-19 exception. 

So know we will be here now and Open  again after the 14-day mandatory shut down. Let’s hope it is not extended.

My personal best wishes to all and your family during this stressful time.

Stay safe,

From The team: Arnold, Leyland, Nate and me, Angie

Contacts below: 

American Sound of Canada, 12261 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

905-773-7810 email:,

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