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Trade Show- HiEnd in Germany 2015

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Off to the High End audio show in Munich to catch up on New models and perhaps new products.

It is a great show that I always look forward to attending. I hope to come back with a good photo album to share with you.

In the past I have seen and experienced sound from electronics we do not see on this side of the World. The Design style and fit and finish of products which are very impressive. An example of this are some of the products we currently carry from Denmark and other parts of the world. Plus, I get to meet up with industry people that I only get to see but once a year and connect with News of what’s coming and also what I should be looking for in the near future. Perhaps some exciting products for you, our customers, to also see and hear.



Mark Levinson Recordings

Guess what buried treasure I just unearthed, and here are 9 copies only.

All brand new factory sealed
Volume 7 Mark Levinson Acoustic Recording
Audiophile LP produced by Mark Levinson ( person) titled
“Jazz At Long Wharf”

Volume 7
The recording engineer are Mark Levinson and Dean Smith.
Mark plays bass on this 45 Rpm record. Pressed in France by C I D I S
Manufacturers of DGG and PHILIPS

Doug Levinson Piano

Side One

Side Two

Price-$ 100. U.S

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(Regular Stock)

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Basis Debut Signature Turntable

With Vector tonearm I came back to BASIS AUDIO after a long absence.

Yes, I owned this table 18 years ago, known then as the Debut Gold and I have always thought about owning it again. Well the day has come and am I very happy with the new version of the Debut. The Basis Vector arm is mounted on it now which is just incredible. I will also be trying other arms down the road but for now it sounds and makes me feel like I’m at home just chilling.

Welcome back A.J.
Have a look at the Basis website for many other models available.
Other models to come in the store soon!

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